A few months ago I have undergone a style reinvention. In fact, my style reinvention is and additional reason for rebranding. I now have a more minimalistic approach to dressing because I came to realise that I just have a thing for minimalism – solid pieces, clean lines and simple silhouettes – fashion in a plain, simple and basic form.

The look featured in this post is perfect because it is exactly that – plain, simple and basic.

A B O U T  T H I S  L O O K

I compiled this look based on my new found style (which you can read about further down). I kept it really basic and minimal (pun intended to the title).

Knowing that I wanted nothing dramatic or over the top, I opted for my plain white t-shirt and paired it with black midi culottes. I paired the t-shirt and culottes with each other because I regard both as basic items and wardrobe essentials.

The look is quite neutral yet the pop of colour from the shoes adds character and in this specific look, accompanies the pink pocket detail on the t-shirt.

When I chose my accessories for this look, I kept it simple too – a pair of statement sunglasses, velvet choker and petite satchel was all I needed to accessorise – any minimalist will agree with me when I say that we like to wear little to no accessories.

In general, black and white (better known as monochrome) outfits are pretty basic because there is not a lot going on.

I describe my style as eccentric and evolving because it is different from most people and (to no surprise) changes quite a lot actually. To put it all together, I add a touch of street style and a whole lot of minimalism. Start the conversation in the comments below and tell me how you would describe your style.

Keeping fashion fluid,

Luke India Ramos.


Hair – Judith Kanga Hair

Makeup & Styling – Luke India Ramos

Photographs – Dean Cupido


Sunglasses, Studs, Satchel & Mules – The Fix

Choker – Cape Town Markets

T-Shirt & Jumpsuit (worn as culottes) – Legit