Basic wardrobe items are perfect to use as the foundation of your outfit when layering in winter.

Every few months we are introduced to new trends and styles. Like I mentioned in my AW 2017 Trend Report, sometimes the trends include things from the past and at times it is something totally new. However, eventually that (once buzzing trend) dies out too. Wardrobe basics / staples on the other hand, is the one thing that will never go out of style. Pieces that falls in the wardrobe basics bracket are timeless and versatile.

Some time ago I shared a post that includes ten basic wardrobe must haves accompanied by a look consisting of some of those items. Be sure to check out my Ten Staples For The Wardrobe if you have not seen it yet.

We are still in winter and tis the season to be layering! So in this post I am just touching on how I went about using wardrobe staples to create a “basic” winter look. Also see the list of five basic pieces you should acquire in black.


For this look I used my basic items (t-shirt and jeans) as the foundation of my outfit. I opted for these pieces in my favourite colour – black.

Since it is winter, we tend to add an extra layer or two when we get dressed hence the reason why I added the trench coat. Additionally this was my way of incorporating some colour into this look too because colour is often frowned upon wearing in winter.

Ankle boots is also a wardrobe staple and perfect for winter, so it was just the right thing to pair with this outfit.

You may notice from this post and the previous one that wardrobe staples does not lean to a specific trend, it is not aimed at a specific season either (even though I attached a season) – you can pretty much wear it whenever you want to.



Besides being a great piece for layering, a leather jacket is perfect for adding some edge to an outfit.


No other piece is more classic than a little black dress. It can easily be transformed from day to night. Perfect for anybody, any shape, any size.


Black skinny jeans serves as great substitute for denims bottoms.


Not only a staple in your wardrobe but a staple for work wear too, and can effortlessly transition from day to night and visa versa.


There is an amount of sophistication attached to court shoes and perfect for dressing up but that sophistication can also be carried over when dressing down.

If you would like me to create another look post that features basic items, let me know and I will make work of it.

To conclude I want to inform you that I am working on a piece on how to incorporate colour into your wardrobe. Should you have any specific information or advice that you would like me to include in there, leave a comment or send an email.

Keeping fashion fluid,

Luke India Ramos.


Hair – Patricia | Makeup & Styling – Luke India Ramos | Photographs – Tegan Smith Photography

Scarf – Thrifted | Coat & Jeans – Woolworths | T-Shirt – The Fix | Boots – Cotton On

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