Tulle is a fabric that (mostly) forms part of skirts or dresses for elegant affairs and very seldom does one see it “dressed down.”

There is this stereotype that tulle skirts are only meant for ballerinas and weddings. Uuuhm … not actually. There are many times where a little tulle would come in handy, depending on the length and volume of your skirt. Yes! What I am trying to say is that you CAN wear your “tutu” to work. LOL!

For this post I have created a dressed down, casual look with a tulle skirt.


With tulle being a staple in any (true) fashionista’s wardrobe, it was about time that I acquired one. I had this skirt made for the Sun Met. Wait … would you guess that there is a pair of culottes underneath all that tulle? Yeah! Anyway, I was all about the skirt for that time and I did not see myself wearing it again. Being one for always trying different things with fashion, I played dress up and matched the skirt with my black turtleneck. At first I was a little conscious thinking that the black will be TOO dark for the nude of the skirt but it worked out perfectly well in the end.

By the way, we are in the prime of winter and my winter cannot be complete without donning turtlenecks (all the freaking time). Yaaasss!

Now as I wanted to push the boundaries just a little more, I slipped into my stacked sneakers (instead of being “typical” and wearing heels). A little out of my comfort zone but definitely obsessed with the result.

With that said, I am running a competition on instagram as I would like to grow my following so my content can reach a bigger audience. Know what I’m saying? Should you enter the competition, you stand a chance of winning a R300 fashion voucher and a free photo shoot with Tegan Smith Photography. So hop onto instagram and find out how to enter so you can win.

Keeping fashion fluid,

Luke India Ramos.


Hair – Patricia | Makeup & Styling – Luke India Ramos | Photographs – Tegan Smith Photography 

Sunglasses & Sneakers – The Fix | Turtleneck – Woolworths | Skirt – Aidan J

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