Millenial Pink

As if we do not have enough colours already. And what is millenial pink even? Very often I come across a colour I did not know exists. And then the shade is accompanied by an even weirder name! In this case “millennial pink” is not a weird name but I […] Read More

Casually Tulled

Tulle is a fabric that (mostly) forms part of skirts or dresses for elegant affairs and very seldom does one see it “dressed down.” There is this stereotype that tulle skirts are only meant for ballerinas and weddings. Uuuhm … not actually. There are many times where a little tulle […] Read More

The New Black Is Black

Black is and will always be the new black so people should stop going around dubbing other colours “the new black.” All the time we hear people saying “this colour is the new black or that colour is the new black,” (which is so freaking annoying by the way) but […] Read More