Casually Tulled

Tulle is a fabric that (mostly) forms part of skirts or dresses for elegant affairs and very seldom does one see it “dressed down.” There is this stereotype that tulle skirts are only meant for ballerinas and weddings. Uuuhm … not actually. There are many times where a little tulle […] Read More

The New Black Is Black

Black is and will always be the new black so people should stop going around dubbing other colours “the new black.” All the time we hear people saying “this colour is the new black or that colour is the new black,” (which is so freaking annoying by the way) but […] Read More

Basically Minimal In Monochrome

A few months ago I have undergone a style reinvention. In fact, my style reinvention is and additional reason for rebranding. I now have a more minimalistic approach to dressing because I came to realise that I just have a thing for minimalism – solid pieces, clean lines and simple […] Read More

That Is So Seventies

Here we are again yes. Another day, another look post – and a freaking fantastic one, even if I must say so myself. I am sure you can tell by the title of this post that the look featured here has been inspired by seventies fashion and the whole flared […] Read More

Sport Luxed

Very often I find myself mixing formal and casual pieces (like in this look). Having two, what is supposed to be, contrasting pieces together in one outfit gives your look a different feel and it just changes the whole aesthetic. You may remember this as one of the outfits I […] Read More