Whether you prefer simple clothing pieces or overly exaggerated details on your clothes, ruffles was made for all of us.

Now we know we touched the whole ruffles thing just a few days ago but how can we not talk about it again when it is all that we are being exposed to in the fashion world lately? Don’t fret though, we are not going to go into a deep discussion about this, we are just here to showcase an amazing look book we shot featuring the ruffles trend.

Earlier this year we spoke about how we want to venture out into doing editorial shoots with the additional purpose of shining light on a specific brand – this was our first. To bring forward that “level of extra” we have been channelling lately, we photographed this look book in studio (as opposed to outside).

This was also our first time working with a stylist and was not quite involved in the styling process as always. What kept us sane in days leading up to the shoot, was the fact that it was a fellow fashionista that we actually low key look up to that was responsible for the styling.

We have already planned numerous look books that we want to do and cannot wait to share it with you. So if you do not want to be miss out on the increasing levels of slayage reached here, like us on facebook, follow us on instagram and subscribe to our website.

Yours in fashion,

Luke India Ramos.

Hair – Afro Hair Link  | Makeup – Shannen Buys | Styling – Liezel Germanotta | Photographs – Nicole Jacobs // Clothing – The Fix

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