Monochrome is the epitome of colour combinations and I share with you five of my favourite ways to combine black and white for a monochrome look.

I have experimented with many colours and paired up different shades with each other multiple times but a colour combination that I always find myself going back to is black and white – also / better known as monochrome.

Through regular experimentation of creating monochrome outfits, I have come to learn that there are numerous ways to combine black and white for a monochrome look.

Today I share with you four of my favourite ways to do this.

  1. White Tops And Black Bottoms: This is the most typical monochrome look to compile – white tops paired with black bottoms. It is the easiest to do and can hardly be done wrong.

  1. Black & White Prints With Solids: Don a black and white printed shirt with black or white bottoms and vice versa. This version also works well with layering a dress over a shirt – having a solid dress over printed shirt is my go to choice but wearing a solid shirt under a printed dress also looks dope.

Prints to opt for in black and white: aztec / geometric, gingham, stripes, shweshwe and tropical prints.

  1. All White With Black Accessories: The monochrome outfit game can be changed by slaying an all-white outfit, paired with the blackest black accessories. This always boasts amazing results.

  1. Monochrome With A Pop Of Colour: This is my favourite way to combine black and white! So here you can take any of the first three versions and just incorporate some coloured accessories.

Colours to pair with monochrome looks: pink, yellow and blue – which also happens to be my favourite colours.

There you have it. As simple as that!

If you go ahead and create any of the combinations shared in this post, don’t forget to share your looks with me on social media. Be sure to use the hashtag #OOTD4lukeindia. I look forward to seeing your ensembles.


Hair & Makeup – Luke India Ramos | Styling – Liezel Germenotta | Photography – Carmen Fynn

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