As if we do not have enough colours already. And what is millenial pink even?

Very often I come across a colour I did not know exists. And then the shade is accompanied by an even weirder name! In this case “millennial pink” is not a weird name but I was left a little baffled when I first saw it.

With such an amazing name, I hopped onto Google, did my research and everything because I wanted to know what this “new” colour is. Turns out, I have seen this colour all my life. Yes. Wait for it … millenial pink is basically a group name for different shades of pink. Disappointed? Yeah, I was too.

Side note: the look for this post was compiled before I came across the subject in discussion today. When visiting Tegan Smith’s photography blog, I saw this amazing wall that she used as a backdrop and that is when I approached her to shoot a few looks for me. This is the first look I did with Tegan and I have been working with her ever since.

Since shooting this look, I have literally become so obsessed with pink that I went and actually coloured my hair pink too. Be sure to subscribe to so you can see that slayage when I post new content next month.

And that is all from me for today. I hope July treated you will and that August will be even more bomb!

Keeping fashion fluid,

Luke India Ramos.


Hair – Patricia | Makeup & Styling – Luke India Ramos | Photographs – Tegan Smith Photography 

Glasses & Sneakers – The Fix | T-Shirt – Mr Price | Pants – Thrifted

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