Black is and will always be the new black so people should stop going around dubbing other colours “the new black.”

All the time we hear people saying “this colour is the new black or that colour is the new black,” (which is so freaking annoying by the way) but nobody ever says that black is the new black. Yeah, I know – on a regular basis we are finding new colours that are haute (but only for a while) yet black still remains the ultimate OG!

I share the same mutual feeling that I have for all things black, that I do for fashion. Translate that to “simple” terms and it should read: “Black is my favourite colour.” I loved it ever since the day I was able to pronounce the word. Wait … this makes me think back to when I was younger. People would often fall to their death when I uttered those five words to the “What is your favourite colour” question. LOL! You should have seen their faces.

Today I bring you one of my favourite looks I have created to date.


For this look I wore a black faux fur coat back to front as an off the shoulder dress. Creative hey? Anyway, and then I paired it with a formal black pants and my blocked heel ankle boots. What I love to do when wearing all black outfits is adding coloured accessories or a coloured lipstick for a pop of colour. Yeah, this is the versatility that tonal (one coloured) outfits allows you.

We are in winter and nothing brings on the heat like a black on black ensemble. I just love the simplicity and minimalism that all black outfits represents.

Not only is black easy to style but it is a colour that exists in all of our wardrobes (or at least I would hope so) – so we should not really look too far or break our brains to compile an outfit that is sure to keep you slaying.

Henry Ford said: “You can have any colour, as long as it is black.” – totally agree with this statement! So when in doubt, just opt for black! It is that simple.

If I did not manage to convince you that all black outfits is the “cat’s whiskers”, look at it this way then … at least you will always be ready for a funeral. LOL!

Let me know what your views are on this look. Also, feel free to share your thoughts about all black outfits, I look forward to reading it. And pleeease let us stop referring to other colours as “the new black!”

Keeping fashion fluid,

Luke India Ramos.


Hair – Patricia | Makeup & Styling – Luke India Ramos  | Photographs – Tegan Smith Photography

Earrings – Lovisa | Coat – Thrifted | Pants – Jet | Boots – Cotton On

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  1. Love this! Just to point out: it’s usually other terribly fashiony people who go around dubbing new or different colours the new black.The rest of us just think it’s a cool colour. ?

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