The off the shoulder trend has previously been a hit and is an even major hit today. Literally, there is a really huge buzz around this.

What I love the most about this trend is that you do not necessarily have to go out to the stores to go and buy an off the shoulder item because you can simply alter one of your shirts (or kimonos – like I did) in such a way that it actually looks like an off the shoulder top / shirt.

It is really as easy as that.

I have always had a thing for minimalist dressing – just love how clean and simple it looks – that is exactly what this look is. I started, what you can probably call, “my minimalist dressing journey” close to the end of last year and I have really been loving it ever since. This I will elaborate a little more on in another post.

With that said, there is some misunderstood terminology regarding this trend and right now, I want to address it. Take a seat because you are about to be schooled!

Okay … so you get off the shoulder tops and cold shoulder tops. Many people mistake this for the same thing but it is totally not. Even though both is (probably) from the same “family“, both serves a different purpose. Off the shoulder pieces are made to show off the entire chest and shoulder area where cold shoulder pieces covers up the chest are but reveals some shoulders. It’s like a shirt / dress with cut outs at the shoulder.

If you are still confused about what I just mentioned (or too lazy to click the links above), have a look at my pinterest boards below which shows you a clear indication of the difference between the two.

O F F  T H E  S H O U L D E R

C O L D  S H O U L D E R

I am hopeful that my little two cents I shared adds some value to your (fashion) life.

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Keeping fashion fluid,

Luke India Ramos.


Hair – N A

Makeup & Styling – Luke India Ramos

Photographs – 720TX Photography


Hat & Shoes – Miladys

Sunglasses – Mr Price

Jacket (ripped by me) & Pants – Thrifted

Kimono (worn as off the shoulder shirt) – Choice Clothing

Satchel – Foschini