Could you ever imagine wearing your pajamas out in public? Uuuhm … Heck NO! Because pjs as we know it, was designed specifically for the bedroom. Not anymore fashionista. As of late, stores are now unpacking their winter stock and part of that is some sleepwear inspired pieces featuring typical pajama silhouettes and fabrics so we can sport our “sleepwear as outerwear”.

I like to think that this all started when slip dresses made it’s comeback from when we have last seen it back in the nineties. Yeah, slip dresses is also a pajama inspired trend but more of that in another post.


For this post, I have created a look with one of my favourite pieces from my grandma’s closet (with inspiration taken from what is currently in stores).

The featured piece of this look is the pajama style shirt. You can pick up that whole pj vibe from the way it is cut – it is quite straight – as pajamas do not necessarily have much shape to it. The silk fabric of the shirt also gives it that pajama aesthetic. To add to this, I donned a lace bralette (which sadly cannot be seen) underneath the shirt because as you know it, our favourite sleepwear item often has a hint of lace on it. Shoot me if I am sucking things from my thumbs otherwise feel free to give me the necessary credit if I am right.

To play it safe, I opted for navy pinstripe pants which happens to be existent in pajama wear. The flow / softness of the pants leans more to sleepwear as opposed to the denim jeans I would have paired with this look.

For additional comfort and that (current) street style aesthetic, I slipped into some fur slides.

Because the look is focused more on sleepwear, I avoided over accessorising. I did not want to ruin the whole “I woke up like this” theme I had going on.

Also … I love how this look stays true to my minimalistic dressing style. The look of the red paired with the navy is actually quite pleasing. If you are not one for wearing prints, you can easily get away with wearing it by pairing it up with a solid piece to prevent it from looking “too much”. Stripes also happens to be one of the easiest ways to incorporate prints / patterns into a look.

I must say that when I have previously done research into this trend (before there was any hype around it again) I was quite sceptical about this. Now, I might even try a print on print rendition of this trend.


If you are looking for more inspiration regarding this trend, then have a look at the pinterest board below.

Keeping fashion fluid,

Luke India Ramos.


Hair – Afro Hair Link

Makeup & Styling – Luke India Ramos

Photographs – Juan Leo Photography

Sunglasses – Gift

Bralette – Legit

Shirt & Pants – Thrifted

Slides – DIY


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