Here we are again yes. Another day, another look post – and a freaking fantastic one, even if I must say so myself.

I am sure you can tell by the title of this post that the look featured here has been inspired by seventies fashion and the whole flared clothing trend. Yeah, I know, there I went and used that “trend” word again. Thing is … when something is thrown in your (or at least my) face so much, one (or I) cannot resist but put my swing on it. So as many times as I tell you that I am not one to follow trends, there is that one (or two or three or four) haute fashion trends that I will give in to and put my spin on.

A B O U T  T H I S  L O O K

Like I mentioned above, this whole look was inspired by seventies fashion – from the hair to the outfit – all the pieces are somewhat drawn from that era in some way or another.

Never did I ever envision myself wearing flared jeans, or any flared bottoms for that matter. Because of the look that I wanted to create, no other piece of clothing was going to be as effective as this specific pair of jeans that I am wearing. What I like is how nicely the jeans is fitted to … Yeah! Talking about fit. Can you and I just take a moment to appreciate how amazing this jeans fits my figure? Damn! The struggles is so real to find a good pair of jeans that fits my length and waist hey. Okay … where was I? Yes. What I like is how nicely the jeans is fitted to my body and how the flare is not too much but not too little either.

So where I would have went with a white bell sleeves shirt, I opted for this nice sheer lace trimmed shirt instead. Lace is also a throwback from the past and therefore makes this shirt totally relevant to the look I wanted to showcase. Since the shirt I am wearing is actually intended for wearing over an outfit, I put it on back–to–front.

Seeing that that the clothes speaks volumes on its own, I avoided adding any accessories.

Honestly speaking, previously I could never see myself wearing any of the things that were haute back in the day – it was uuurgly – #justsaying.   Seriously though! But I will admit: I really love how all the old fashion trends are coming back into existence (but not to contradict myself) I really admire and appreciate how they put a modern spin on it because like I said, I would not have worn any of those things.

Let me know what your opinion is on this whole old trends becoming new again. If you happen to take any inspiration from this look, share your looks with me on social media. You should know by now how much I love seeing your interpretations. Do not forget to use the hashtag #fashioninspowithlukeindia when you post your images.

Keeping fashion fluid,

Luke India Ramos.


Hair – Judith Kanga Hair

Makeup & Styling – Luke India Ramos

Photographs – Dean Cupido


Shirt – Thrifted

Jeans & Heels – The Fix


2 Replies to “That Is So Seventies

  1. Damn! That sheer top is giving me life and some Rihanna vibes. I looove the look but I am not so sure I would pull it off. Seventies style is a bit intimidating for me to try but you are totally rocking it.

    1. Yaaas! The feeling is mutual on the shirt Vanessa.

      You will never know if you if you do not try girl. Like … put your own spin on it, and who knows.

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