Blame it on the ruffles because your pants now comes forward in a slightly more unconventional silhouette.

Not so long ago, fashion has consistent “blasts from the past” with old trends making a reappearance here in stores (in the modern world). First the 80s moved in, followed by the 90s and then way back to the 70s again – it is just one throwback trend after the other. And mind you … these are the same trends that were previously frowned upon by the same generation who is “slaying” it today. We’re guilty too.

As it was previously made clear in ourĀ Autumn Winter 2017 Trend Report, ruffles is on this season’s hot list and we can see it gravitating towards spring too.

The (ruffles) trend was introduced to us with simple designs on shirts and slowly become existent in dresses and sweatshirts and more exaggerated – so much more that they even added frills to pants and now ruffles too.

TIP: If you more of a subtle dresser we would advise you to opt for the frilled hem pants but if you are like us and cannot live without being extra the ruffled pants is for you.

If you are keen on trying your hand at slaying this trend, following is a mood board that features some outfit ideas.


We won’t lie but we kinda saw this one coming.

Keeping fashion fluid,

Luke India Ramos.

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