Every season has a few pieces that could be worked into the following season.

Soon we will be in spring but the weather might make you think / feel otherwise. As Spring weather is a mix of winter and summer, we are left a little undecided about which season to actually dress for.

Our go to spring favourites normally consist of tank tops, shirts, skirts and culottes, all made of light fabrics (of course). Yet, at times we still include some winter items into our spring wardrobe. This creates a nice balance between hot and cold for the confusing weather experienced in this season.

Every season has a clothing piece or two (or three) that you can work into the next season and following here is a list of five winter items you can (and probably should) incorporate into your spring wardrobe / outfits.


1. Ponchos

Literally one of our favourite winter items which we will definitely be donning throughout spring too.

This item is just right to layer over your top (or shirt) to show people that you are ready for spring but not that crazy to believe it is warmer already.

Opt for a printed / patterned poncho (in a light fabric) as it will go perfectly with the plain soft (and bright) coloured tops and bottoms that are associated with this season.

2. Sleeveless Trench Coats

If you are a fan of trench coats, like we are, you can still wear it this season but in a more sleeveless way. Pardon the pun! Yeah, sleeveless trench coats are a thing.

This is another piece you can don over your outfit for that “cold in the morning hot in the afternoon” kinda weather. Alternatively you can also opt for a sleeveless gilet if you like.

3. Thin Fabric Turtlenecks

Yes, thin fabric. As spring is the mid season between winter and summer, it is best to invest in thin fabric winter pieces for spring to prevent yourself from “overheating” as it does tend to get warmer. And no, it does not take a climatologist to make a statement like that.

Turtlenecks became major again during autumn / winter 2016 and by the looks of it, it has no intention of going anywhere soon. So pack away those chunky knit turtlenecks and bring on the this ones (for a slimmer silhouette too).

4. Midi Skirts

Skirts, in general, are summer / spring items but we believe midi (and maxi) skirts were specifically made for winter. Just like the poncho, it allows you to cover up and stay warm while still appealing to hotter weather.

5. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans is not necessarily (just) a winter item. It is basically an “every season, all year round” kind of item so that is why we listed it here. I mean … it is skinny jeans we are talking about and it has never flawed anybody. Now did it?

To add to that no season’s wardrobe can be complete without some denim!


We compiled this look using a black jersey and metallic pleated skirt. The jersey paired with the skirt – a winter item paired with a summer item – creates the balance we mentioned above. We like how the pleated fabric sort of softens the metallic colour of the skirt as metallic is such a harsh and strong colour.

For a more street style and athleisure aesthetic, we opted for takkies instead of heels or sandals.With such a simple look, adding accessories was a no-brainer (and no look can really be complete without some bomb sunglasses).

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Start the conversation in the comments and let us know if you have any transitional items that we might have missed.

Keeping fashion fluid,

Luke India Ramos.


Hair – Kwaai Kolours | Makeup – Beauty Byy Shan | Styling – Luke India Ramos | Photographs – Tegan Smith Photography 

Sunglasses, Satchel & Skirt – The Fix | Jersey & Watch – Mr Price | Takkies – Mr Price Sport